Nourishing the Golden Years with Functional Foods

Designed to Support: Focus, Memory, Clarity, Heart and Energy, Naturally.

  • Nature's Wisdom

    Our specially formulated functional foods are packed with vitamins, minerals, and bioactives, ensuring you receive a full spectrum of nutrients derived directly from nature.
  • Backed by Science

    Our functional foods are not just natural, they're scientifically proven to benefit your health, making each drop a liquid treasure.

Medical Olive Oils for Heart & Brain Care

Unlock the Power of Functional Foods to Address Age-Related Health Concerns

Strengthening your Heart

Our unique blend of Omega-3s (EPA, DHA, and ALA) sourced from algae and olive oil come in the form of triglycerides, ensuring better bioavailability and efficacy. These fatty acids are crucial for maintaining heart health, reducing inflammation, and improving blood sugar & lipid profiles 1 2 3 4 5 6.

A Natural Nootropics Booster

Our Curcumin Extract with Micellized Vitamin D3 is 185 times more bioavailable than any other form. Curcumin has neuroprotective properties, and when combined with Vitamin D3 the punicalagins in our concentrate, it becomes a potent formula for combating mild cognitive decline7.

Supporting Bone Health

Our pomegranate concentrate is enriched with vegan calcium and potassium. These minerals are essential for maintaining bone density and electrolyte balance, particularly important as we age. Our pomegranate concentrate carries the highest polyphenols concentration in the world.

Enhancing Immune Response

The high phenolic content in our olive oils acts a powerful antioxidant shield. These bioactives support the immune system by neutralizing harmful free radicals, thereby enhancing your body’s natural defenses.Our medical-grade olive oil is abundant in Vitamin E, amplifying its already potent antioxidant capabilities8 9.

Improving Digestive Wellness

The natural fermentation process of our pomegranate concentrate not only enhances nutrient absorption but also elevates gut health to new heights. This fermentation imbues the concentrate with beneficial bacteria and prebiotics, creating a nurturing environment for digestive wellness and optimizing the body’s uptake of essential nutrients and vitamins.


Addressing Nutrient Deficiencies

Iron and Vitamin B12 deficiencies are common in seniors, leading to fatigue and weakness. Our gentle, plant-based liquid formula ensures better absorption without gastrointestinal discomfort, revitalizing your energy levels. Our pomegranate concentrate harmoniously enhances the assimilation and uptake of both iron and Vitamin B12, optimizing their nutritional benefits.

Unmatched Flavour with Functional Innovation

Elevate your food and well-being with our award-winning functional foods. Drizzle them on your salads, vegetables, or enjoy straight. Discover below how to boost absorption and effectiveness with our products through smart food combinations.

Sofa Rehab

When you first taste their products, you have two reactions. First: this taste is simply breathtaking. It is that GOOD. Second: where can I find these products right now. Genius product range from Milestone!

Sofa Rehab

Found the perfect solution for marine omega-3 in my diet. Their functional foods offer more benefits than I expected. A true oasis in the sea of supplements and synthetic multivitamins.

Sofa Rehab

After starting to take the products I’ve noticed a big improvement to my energy and general well-being.

Sofa Rehab

After a fall and broken ankle, their products greatly accelerated my healing and recovery process. My doctor at Tan Tock Seng was very impressed with my progress. Amazing products!

Sofa Rehab

Love the high phenolic olive oil and pomegranate concentrate. Excellent quality. As a registered dietitian, these are ideal for adding nutrients to a balanced diet in small amounts.

Omega-3s & Olive Bioactives for Managing Cholesterol

algae omega 3s with high phenolic olive oil by milestone

Nourishing You with the Most Powerful EPA, DHA and Antioxidants

Our unique blend combines the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA, DHA, and ALA from vegan algae with the natural olive bioactives found in our high-phenolic olive oil. These ingredients work in synergy to support healthy cholesterol levels10. Each component is in its most bioavailable form, ensuring that you get the most out of each dose. Amazing olive aftertaste with an ideal Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio (1.5:1).

MILESTONE® vs. Fish Oils: A Clear Superiority

Did you know long-term use of certain oils can harm your liver? Recent research unveils that long-term consumption of sunflower or fish oils can damage the liver. In stark contrast, high-phenolic olive oil stands as a guardian, preserving liver health during aging. Make an informed choice – our omega-3-rich offerings are your ticket to a healthier life11.

Fish Oils

100% Plant-Based
Is it plant-based and therefore suitable for vegans or vegetarians?


Rich in Olive Bioactives
Absorbed in less than an hour. Antioxidants play a major role for your health.


Most effective in reducing joint pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.


Free of Chemicals & Pesticides
Free of contaminants, heavy metals and pesticide residues that pass directly to your blood.


Liver Health
Does long-term consumption affect liver health?


Diabetes & Cholesterol
Which one is superior for managing blood sugar and cholesterol levels?


+ Omega-3s from Algae
Contains the most active EPA and DHA forms, necessary for brain, mood and cell health.


Combating Osteoporosis with Algae D3 & Medical Olive Oil

Harness the synergy of Vegan Algae Vitamin D3 and High Phenolic Olive Oil to fortify your bones. Vitamin D3 is crucial for calcium absorption, a key factor in maintaining bone health and fighting osteoporosis. Our olive oil, rich in natural polyphenols, adds an extra layer of antioxidant protection. Together, they offer a holistic approach to bone wellness, specially formulated for seniors12.

How to Use

Stronger Bones & Teeth

Discover the potency of Algae Vitamin D3 sourced responsibly, without compromising animal welfare or the environment.

Algae Vitamin D3 600 IU / 1000mg Olive Polyphenols
pomegranate concentrate with calcium and potassium

The Heart of Our Oils

Innovative Processing for Superior Products

Vitamins in Vacuum

Nurture your well-being with our holistic process, curated for all family. From wild DNA trees with top antioxidants to chemical-free farming, we ensure purity. Gentle hand-collection, vacuum processing, and low temperatures preserve our bioactive compounds at all stages.

Wild DNA Hand Harvested

Waterless extraction, solvent-free, and chemical-free processes for quality & preservation of nutrients and bioactives. The result? Biofunctional foods, carefully filtered and frozen at -28°C, delivering nature’s best to you and your family. Plus, our UV-protected bottles preserve ingredients in their purest form.

Unlocking the Full Potential

Experience the unmistakable flavor of our High Phenolic Olive Oil, the Heart of Our Oils. This exceptional fusion of medical olive oil, brimming with heart-healthy phenolic bioactives, vitamin E, and plant-based omegas offers a symphony of health benefits. Discover how to optimally store and use it.

The Heart of Our Oils

Ten consecutive international awards for its effectiveness in fighting oxidative stress. EFSA approved health claim EU-REG 432/20212. Packed with Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids derived from sustainable sources, this olive oil blend with Vitamin E nourishes your body with essential fats for optimal health.

Sofa Rehab

Milestone significantly improved my health and this was reflected with optimal readings, including triglycerides. Got rid of the unwanted fat. They do taste great.

Sofa Rehab

Just one week after I started using their Pomegranate Concentrate with Curcumin Extract I got rid of the severe hip pain that had been bothering me for the last few months. Great product, dare I say miraculous!

Sofa Rehab

My dream company! Quality, science-based, ethical. Highly recommend to patients for real outcomes. Products speak for themselves, bringing major improvements.

Sofa Rehab

Do something delicious for your health. I regularly use their high phenolic olive oil and the pomegranate concentrate for the beneficial bioactives and polyphenols. Very fresh, delicious and organic.

Sofa Rehab

Their Pomegranate concentrate with Curcumin and D3 has been my ally throughout my treatment against stage 4 lymphoma. It boosted my hematocrite levels and strengthened my immune. Thank you Milestone!

Pomegranate Elixirs: Nature's Gift for Ageless Vitality

Our pomegranate concentrates are more than just a burst of flavor; they are a symphony of health benefits. Rich in antioxidants like polyphenols and punicalagins, these elixirs are designed to support your immune system, enhance nutrient absorption, and contribute to cognitive function. Each formula is crafted to meet the unique health needs of seniors, offering a natural path to well-being.

Nurturing Gut Health

Our pomegranate concentrates undergo a natural fermentation process, enriching them with beneficial bacteria and prebiotics. This aids in digestive wellness, enhances nutrient absorption, and supports a healthy gut microbiome, essential for overall well-being.

olive tree backgound (600 × 600 px)

Record Polyphenols

Our pomegranate concentrates boast record-high levels of polyphenols, specifically punicalagins. These potent antioxidants offer a robust defence against oxidative stress and inflammation, key factors in ageing. This makes our pomegranate products an invaluable addition to the senior care regimen.

Special Pomegranate Formulas for Microbiome & Energy

Enhance Your Microbiome

The fermentation process enhances nutrient absorption, while calcium and potassium contribute to bone and joint health. Facilitate nutrient absorption by improving your gut flora.

Fermented Food / Polyphenols / Calcium & Potassium
fermented 800x800
medical high-phenolic olive oil with vitamin d3 from algae

Energize Your Life Naturally

Our specialized Pomegranate Concentrate is enriched with Vegan Vitamin B12 and Non-Costipating Iron, key nutrients known to uplift mood and energize the body. Recharge and rejuvenate with each dose.

Natural B12 / Gentle Iron / Polyphenols
medical high-phenolic olive oil with EPA and DHA from algae

Arthritis & Inflammation
Experience Relief and Improved Mobility on Every Step

95% curcuminoids-2

95% pure curcuminoids working in a natural mode of absorption, using a natural micelle structure.

medical high-phenolic olive oil with EPA and DHA from algae

Pomegranate with Curcumin + Vitamin D3 Fusion

Confirmed on 3 Human Clinical Trials

milestone curcumin extract fast absorption

Rapid Absorption

Rapid absorption (66 minutes vs. 450 for native curcumin) lasting up to 24 hours (versus 2 hours). It boosts the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory response, ideal for vegans.

Research article Molecular Nutrition & Food Research 2014, 58, 516-217-1

Bioavailability Comparison

Our curcumin extract boasts 185x higher bioavailability. It provides essential protection against oxidative stress, aids in calcium absorption for strong bones, while promoting energy and vitality. 

Curcumin Extract vs Curcumin Supplements


Is it plant-based and therefore suitable for vegans or vegetarians?


Fast Absorption
Absorbed in less than an hour.


Without Lecithin, Piperine or any other substance to facilitate absorption.


Vitamin D3
Micellized Vitamin D3 for enhanced anti-inflammation support.


Free of Chemicals & Pesticides
Free of contaminants, heavy metals and pesticide residues


Is it eco-friendly and sustainable?


Have Questions? We've Got Answers!

Is it safe for seniors to consume your products?

Absolutely. Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients and are designed to be safe for all age groups, including seniors. However, if you have specific medical conditions or are on medication, consult your healthcare provider before use.

How do your products support heart health?

Our High Phenolic Olive Oils are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like EPA, DHA, and ALA, which are known to support cardiovascular health by reducing inflammation and improving cholesterol levels.

Can your products help with digestive issues?

Yes, our fermented pomegranate concentrate is designed to enhance nutrient absorption and promote gut health, which can be particularly beneficial for seniors experiencing digestive issues.

Do you have products that help with bone health?

Our High Phenolic Olive Oil + Vegan Algae Vitamin D3 is formulated to support bone health, making it an excellent choice for seniors concerned about osteoporosis.

How do your products support cognitive function?

Our products contain ingredients like Omega-3s and curcumin, which have neuroprotective properties. These can be beneficial for seniors looking to maintain or improve cognitive function.

What are the sources of your ingredients?

All our ingredients are natural, ethically sourced, and cruelty-free, ensuring they align with vegan and vegetarian principles while offering optimal nutritional benefits.

How can your products help with arthritis symptoms?

Our High Phenolic Olive Oil + Vegan Algae Omega 3 (EPA DHA ALA) is particularly beneficial for arthritis symptoms. Omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce joint pain and stiffness. Additionally, the high phenolic content in our olive oils acts as a powerful antioxidant, further supporting the body's natural anti-inflammatory response. For enhanced benefits, the ideal pairing for this product is our "Pomegranate Concentrate with Vegan Curcumin + Vitamin D3." Curcumin is well-known for its potent anti-inflammatory effects, and Vitamin D3 supports bone and muscle health, making this combination a comprehensive approach to managing arthritis symptoms.

Are your products environmentally friendly?

Absolutely. We prioritize sustainability, offering plant-based, eco-friendly products that support both your health and the planet's well-being.

How can your products help improve mood and energy levels?

Our "Pomegranate Concentrate with Vegan Vitamin B12 + Iron" is an excellent choice for those looking to improve mood and energy levels. Vitamin B12 is crucial for the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, while iron is essential for energy production. When paired with our "High Phenolic Olive Oil + Vegan Algae Omega 3 (EPA DHA ALA)," which contains Omega-3 fatty acids known to support brain health and emotional well-being, it becomes a potent formula for mental wellness.

How do your products support individuals with nutrient deficiencies or malabsorption syndromes?

Our products are designed with high bioavailability in mind, making them ideal for those who struggle with nutrient deficiencies or malabsorption syndromes. For instance, our "High Phenolic Olive Oil + Vegan Algae Omega 3 (EPA DHA ALA)" provides essential fatty acids in a highly absorbable form. The Omega-3s from algae come in the form of triglycerides, not ethyl esters as in fish oils, ensuring better bioavailability and overall health benefits. Additionally, our "Fermented Pomegranate Concentrate + Vegan Calcium and Potassium" undergoes a natural fermentation process that enhances nutrient absorption and promotes gut health, further aiding those with absorption issues.

How can I incorporate your products into my diet?

They can be easily added to your daily meals, smoothies, or taken alone, making the integration into your vegan or vegetarian diet seamless.

Are there any allergens or GMOs in your products?

Our products are free from common allergens and GMOs, ensuring they are safe and suitable for individuals with various dietary requirements and preferences.

If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for, feel free to ask us directly using the contact form below.

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