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    As the lyrics of a famous song begin with: “I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way”. It is more apparent than ever that parents want their children to flourish in life and therefore strive to give them the finest possibilities and opportunities for success. In order to achieve overall mental and physical development from a young age, parents will spare no expense when it comes to providing the best foods and supplements for their offspring. At MILESTONE®, we aim to educate parents about the importance of Vitamin D3 and the significant role it plays in their child’s body when it is consumed through Functional Foods for Vitamin D3 instead of supplements. Another article that will be of interest is The Sun’s Vitamin: Vegan Functional Foods for Vitamin D3. But we would also advise you to read our article on Natural vs Synthetic Ingredients and the difference that we bring to the world by making plant-based choices.

    According to research, around 24% of Americans may be vitamin D deficient. Depending on your geographical area the deficiency percentage may increase further. Around 40% of the people in Europe are thought to be vitamin D deficient 1. In other parts of the world like Singapore, it is widely accepted by the medical community that pregnant women do receive additional vitamin d3. As stated by Professor Jerry Chan, senior consultant at the Department of Reproductive Medicine at KKH, “We see a high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women globally and in Singapore,” and “It is important for pregnant women to get an adequate amount of vitamin D, as it is proven to reduce the risk of complications in pregnancies such as pre-term birth and low birth weight in infants.”

    The Importance and Benefits of Vitamin D3 for kids

    Children are known to be picky eaters and it does not make the job of being parents easier when they yearn to eat more processed and fast food, thus severely limiting the amount of wholesome nutrients that are required for them to grow up strong and fit. Of course, being mentally healthy will be a great plus in their learning and education journey as parents sign them up for all kinds of extra-curricular classes. When there are adequate levels of Vitamin D3, it creates an impact on 2000 over genes in the body, helping kids to grow, develop and improve their overall well-being.

    Building Strong Bones and Teeth

    Two essential nutrients for higher bone density, stronger teeth, and a healthy skeletal system are calcium and phosphorus. However, the body cannot absorb calcium and phosphorus without Vitamin D3. This is because Vitamin D3 plays a major role in regulating the amount of calcium being absorbed by your child’s body and assists in maintaining healthy phosphorous levels. In toddlers and kids in general,  a lack of Vitamin D3 can cause bone-softening, fractures and deformities , a medical condition known as rickets, resulting in delayed motor development, poor growth and dental deformities.

    functional foods for vitamin d3

    Building a Strong Immune System

    In the body, vitamin D functions similarly to a hormone to control cellular activity, support the development of immunity, and promote disease resistance. In addition, it has been shown in scientific research which indicates that maintain adequate levels of vitamin D3 in a child can provide strong and better defence against respiratory and influenza viruses. As such. parents will realize that Vitamin D3 is even more crucial for their children in this Covid era. Explore our foods with vitamin D3 category and get to know more on how we managed to produce the best functional food for omega 3 in the market.

    functional foods for vitamin d3

    Disease Prevention is Vital for Kids Too

    As more research is being made on the effects of low levels of Vitamin D3 in children, it has been shown that serious diseases such as heart disease, cancer and the development of various forms of tumours can occur. In recent times, there have been studies that show an increased prevalence of Vitamin D insufficiency in children with cancer and hence we suggest routine measurement of Vitamin D levels in children with cancer and subsequently, providing them with the best functional foods for Vitamin D3. Due to the nature of these foods being of high bioavailability, it will be highly beneficial for children to absorb vital nutrients, assimilate, heal and restore their health.

    Fight Obesity and Manage Your Child’s Weight

    With poor dietary habits becoming a problem for many children, those who are deficient in Vitamin D3 may find themselves getting less active while gaining weight unhealthily. In the U.S., obesity amongst children has become an epidemic that many parents have to juggle with, and vitamin D deficiency is a major factor. Of course, when such deficiency is left unaddressed and becomes acute, all kinds of metabolic illness can arise 2.

    A Happier Childhood

    As commonly known, Vitamin D is also referred to as “The Sunshine Vitamin” and so, when kids spend more time outdoors and with proximity to nature, they tend to be happier and less irritable than those who are cooped up indoors. It has been shown that sufficient levels of Vitamin D3 in children can influence their mood in a positive and significant manner. Vitamin D3 also aids in the treatment of paediatric depression, improve core symptoms of autism and may enhance overall cognitive function in kids with ADHD 3.

    What are the Factors that Put Children at Risk of Low Levels of Vitamin D3?

    • As a start, when exposed to sunshine, our bodies make vitamin D. So the weather in your region definitely plays a significant role in how much of this essential vitamin your body can absorb. Your kids, similar to everyone else, need to be exposed to the sun but in a limited, protected, and time-controlled manner.
    • There are not many food choices available when it comes to consuming adequate Vitamin D through diet and children are by nature picky eaters. Vitamin D3 is available in certain animal-based products such as trout, salmon, fortified milk and certain egg yolks which may not generally appeal to kids.
    • Kids who stay indoors most of the time or wear concealing clothes.
    • Infants born prematurely.
    • Although breast milk is the greatest meal for infants, it is low in vitamin D. A new-born will receive their initial supply of vitamin D from their mother, thus if their mother has low vitamin D levels, they are at risk of having low vitamin D levels as well.
    • Children who suffer from diseases such cystic fibrosis, celiac disease, and inflammatory bowel disease can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb and regulate Vitamin D3. Those on certain medications (such as some epilepsy medicines) can be impacted negatively too.

    The MILESTONE® Solution for Vitamin D3

    At MILESTONE®, we truly believe that plant-based nutrients from foods are highly bioavailable and used by the body to correct all kinds of deficiencies and imbalances within. Parents can rest assured that their children will be receiving the purest and cleanest form of nutrition that cannot be readily found in their everyday foods and supplements. We are possibly the first to provide 100% Vegan Functional Foods for Vitamin D3 in liquid form and as innovative foods, there is simply no risk of your children suffering from an overdose unlike many of the supplements out there.

    functiuonal foods for vitamin d3

    A kid friendly formula that is a hot favourite amongst our parents in Singapore is the High Phenolic Olive + Algae Vegan Vitamin D3 Oil and it beats all the other supplements out there hands down in terms of the formula’s ability to help your child absorb nutrients optimally. This is all achievable as we harness the unique natural properties found in our exclusive hybrid olive tree and indoor cultivated algae through fermentation, providing you with vitamin D3, Omega 6, Omega 9 and nature’s most effective Polyphenols (hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleaocanthal, oleacin among others).

    All these ingredients work synergistically enhance absorption of calcium and phosphorous required for strong bones and teeth as well as ensure the smooth functioning of the immune system. To put in simply, our highly concentrated phenolic olive oil is naturally fortified with the most potent form of D3 obtained from algae to provide you with 50 times more antioxidants as compared to your everyday olive oil. This results in a highly sought-after organic functional food for immune that is perfect for fighting off viruses and bacterial infections, as well as, strengthening the bones. We are proud to offer you possibly the best food with vitamin D3 out there.

    One to two tablespoons of this kid-friendly formula can be consumed directly and/or can be mixed with food such as fruit purees, mashed potatoes, and carrots, etc. This will truly be the best form of wholesome nutrition and the greatest love that any parent can give to their child. So go on and buy this vitamin D food today with MILESTONE®.


    Vitamin D3 is a vital nutrient for the healthy and strong development of your child and can be better absorbed when received from foods than supplements. Food for Vitamin D3 from sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivated algae and olive contains Vitamin D3, ALA (Omega 3), Omega 6 and Omega 9 that provide adequate and holistic nutrients for kids. This will undoubtedly help parents to provide their children with best head start in life and grant them a brighter and better future.

    A Word From MILESTONE®

    MILESTONE® Food for your Genes uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial process to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.

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