Google Analytics can be used to improve our website’s function and to help us understand which parts of the Website are being used. Google Analytics uses technical tools, such as First-party cookies and Javascript code, to collect information on the visitors. The Google Analytics Service records the Website visitors who have activated Javascript. Google Analytics anonymously records how visitors interact with a website, including where they came from and what they did on the website. Google Analytics collects the users’ information mentioned above.

    We use this information to manage and update the website; also, through this information, we will evaluate whether the Website visitors match the desired demographic characteristics of the Website’s common target, and we determine how visitors navigate the major common elements-targets of the Website content. First–party cookies (Google Analytics Cookie) and third-party cookies will be used to create reports relevant to the promotion (ad impression) and effectiveness of the online advertising services provided by our Website in relation to the number of respective visits.

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