How to Store: Extend Freshness

Discover the best practices for incorporating this super functional food into your daily routine, and ensure its freshness and efficacy for your well-being. Find out the Do’s and Dont’s related to its consumption and storage.


Plan to consume our concentrates shortly after purchase?

Keep at your fridge all the time. Ensures freshness and quality.

Do not refrigerate only if you plan to consume within 30 days.

Find out why freezing is the ultimate way of storage.

Freezing causes minimal destruction to bioactives by reducing chemical and microbial spoilage, even in long-term storage.

Do not freeze if you are planning to consume our concentrates within 12 months. Always refrigerate.

Reduces the level of antioxidants, flavor and potential health benefits in the product.


Add Water
Dilute our products in water?


Food Combinations
What types of foods should your oils be added to?

Add our concentrates to your juices, smoothies, yogurt and salads.

Do not add our concentrates on any form of very hot food.

Tips:  Pomegranate and olive oil polyphenols behave differently when in contact with water. Incorporating our concentrates into your juice or smoothie enhances both flavour and bioactive potency, ensuring a functional and nutritious blend.

Crystallization of Curcumin: Our curcumin extract, a raw natural product, may exhibit crystallization in cold temperatures. Remember to shake well before use for the full experience of our concentrate.

Easy Usage: Our concentrates are served at a highly concentrated level by reducing the amount of free water available in the product. As a result, they cannot freeze to a point where they are solidified, which practically means that you can use them directly from your fridge.

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