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High Phenolic Olive Oil with Vegan Omega 3 6 9


Unveil the heart of our medical olive oils! A unique fusion of High Phenolic Olive Oil and Vegan Omega 3 (ALA) 6 9. Ideal for holistic health enhancement. This nurturing blend supports heart, brain, and skin wellness with nature’s richness.


World’s Best Medical Olive Oil

  • Ideal for – Anti-oxidative Stress Food.
  • Taste – Fresh olives, green herbs and artichokes. No fishy smell or taste.
  • Highly Concentrated – Each MILESTONE ® high phenolic olive oil bottle contains at least 50 times more anti-oxidants than common olive oil
  • Bioavailability – Cold pressing under oxygen-free conditions guarantees that all the beneficial ingredients remain intact and bioavailable.
  • High Quality – Squeezed almost instantly with the highest industry standards and certified processes in order to increase its health effect. It is always protected in a dark glass bottle to prevent photo-oxidation and migration of microplastics until it reaches your hands.
  • Five Unique Characteristics – Rich in Omega 3 (ALA), Omega 6 and Omega 9 (oleic acid) fatty acids, with natural hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol bioactive compounds, without additives or preservatives.

World's Healthiest Fat with Olive Bioactives & Vitamin E

MILESTONE® is one of the most antioxidant and mono-unsaturated fat-rich olive oils internationally – clinically proven. Unlike regular olive oil, our medical-grade elixir boasts a higher concentration of phenolic compounds, offering unparalleled antioxidant protection and potent anti-inflammatory benefits. Infused with Omega-3 in the form of ALA, this blend is uniquely tailored for optimal absorption and holistic health benefits. Each golden drop is a fusion of nature’s finest, crafted to nurture your body’s balance and vitality, while steadfastly honoring our planet’s sustainability. We are thrilled to bring this to your doorstep anywhere you’re in the world.

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Natural Olive Polyphenols

The polyphenols in our High Phenolic Olive Oil combined with our Vitamin E create a unique preservation shield against oxidation effects making sure you receive the maximum health benefits from both. This synergy is bidirectional, which means that each component shields and preserves the other.


Pure Ethical Effective

Empower your health journey with our purest, safest & most effective functional food, optimising absorption and synergy of all vital nutrients. Experience the unparalleled quality of our medical olive oil, free of pesticides and any harmful chemical residuals, the perfect addition to your table.

Innovative Processing for Natural Olive Bioactives

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Nourishing You with the Most Powerful Omegas and Antioxidants

Our medical olive oil, rich in polyphenols (1000mg/kg) and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, boasts a unique blend with Vegan Omega 3 6 9. This perfect synergy enhances absorption and bioavailability. The Omega-3, in the form of ALA, complements the oil’s natural Vitamin E, offering a holistic health experience.

Supplement with World's Best Olive Oil Bioactives

Experience the transformative power of nature with our olive oil, rich in world-class bioactives. Extracted from the finest olives, these potent compounds offer a wealth of health benefits. They work harmoniously to enhance your immune system, support heart health, and provide powerful antioxidant protection. Each drop is a step towards overall well-being, naturally nurturing your body with the earth’s purest gifts.

Natural Antioxidant Power

Combat oxidative stress with our olive oil, a natural source of antioxidants. These powerful bioactives help neutralize free radicals, protecting your cells and contributing to long-term health and vitality. Free of any harmful pesticides.

Enhancing Heart Health

Nurture your heart with the goodness of monounsaturated fats and bioactives in our olive oil. These elements are essential for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and supporting cardiovascular wellness, making each serving a heart-healthy choice.

Balancing Digestive Wellness

Enhance your digestive health with the gentle, natural properties of our olive oil. Its bioactives aid in promoting a balanced gut environment, supporting nutrient absorption, and contributing to overall digestive comfort and health.

Boosting Immune Resilience

Fortify your body’s natural defenses with our olive oil’s rich bioactive compounds. These natural antioxidants are key in supporting a robust immune system, helping you stay resilient against environmental stressors and aiding in overall health maintenance.

Promoting Skin Health

Reveal your skin’s natural radiance with the nourishing touch of our olive oil. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it helps protect the skin from environmental damage while hydrating and supporting skin elasticity.

Supporting Healthy Aging

Age gracefully with the aid of our olive oil’s bioactive compounds. Their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are crucial in supporting healthy aging, helping to maintain vitality and reduce the risk of age-related concerns.

Elevate Well-Being: Key Health Benefits Unveiled

We were named “Start-Up of the Year” by Nutraingredients-Asia and as the “Most Innovative Food Supplement Brand” by APAC Insider Singapore. These awards underscore our commitment to blending the best of Greek natural ingredients with modern science for effective, ethically, and sustainably produced functional foods. This dedication is vividly reflected in our Vegan Olive + Algae D3 Oil, a product that stands as a pinnacle of health innovation, offering unparalleled benefits for your well-being.

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Product Highlights Medical Olive Oil
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Nutritional Facts: Know What You Eat

Knowledge is power, and we believe you have the right to know exactly what’s in the product you’re consuming. Our Nutritional Facts section provides a detailed breakdown of all the nutritional components, including high phenolic content, fatty acid ratios, and micronutrients, so you can make an informed choice.

Nutrition Facts

30 servings per container

Serving size (2/3 tbsp) 9.2gr or 10ml

Amount per serving

Calories 82.4

% Daily Value *

Total Fats 9.2g 12%

Saturated Fats 1.6g 8%

Polyunsatured Fats 1g

Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 0g0%

Sodium 0g 0%

Total Carbohydrate 0g 0%

Dietary Fiber 0g

Total Sugars 0g

Protein 0g

Natural Polyphenols 5mg DV* NA**

Omega-3s ALA 0.08g DV* NA**

Omega-6 C18:2 0.55g DV* NA**

Omega-9 C18:1 6.5g DV* NA**

* The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

** The Not Available (NA) indicates that there corresponding DV is not included in FDA's list.

Product FAQ: We Answer Your Concerns

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Dive into our comprehensive FAQ section to learn everything there is to know about our game-changing fusion of High Phenolic Olive Oil and Vegan Omegas. Get the scoop on its unique benefits, ideal usage, and why it’s the functional food you didn’t know you needed.

High Phenolic Olive Oil

Why consume a spoonful of high phenolic olive oil every morning?

High phenolic olive oil is a new category of olive oil with certified health benefits. According to European Food Safety Authority (EU REG 432/2012) an olive oil containing more than 250mg/kg of phenols protects the blood lipids from oxidative stress. Ideal for:

  1. Food for Kids
  2. Food for High Blood Pressure
  3. Food for Cholesterol
  4. Food for Diabetes
  5. Food for Brain
  6. Food for Vegans

Does high-phenolic olive oil has any side effects?

The consumption of high phenolic olive oil does not have any side effects and does not seem to interfere with any prescribed medication

What is the recommended dosage?

High Phenolic Olive Oil: receive orally 10ml every morning on empty stomach.

How is this product different from regular olive oil?

Regular olive oil, while healthy, typically contains zero levels of bioactives. Our High Phenolic Olive Oil is a concentrated source of these natural antioxidants, known for their anti-inflammatory and health-promoting properties. This not only enhances the oil's nutritional profile but also its ability to support overall well-being, offering a deeper, more holistic approach to health.

Which olive oil has the highest level of polyphenols?

When choosing your olive oil, the highest level of polyphenols should not be your primary concern. The beneficial effect may be obtained with the consumption of 20ml of an olive oil containing a total of 250mg/kg polyphenols. An olive oil carrying above 750mg/kg is considered by scientists to be a medical-grade olive oil. It typically contains a high level of oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, and their derivatives; and it only takes 10ml for the beneficial effect to take place. These compounds are powerful antioxidants displaying anti-oxidant, anti-angiogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Another point to watch out for is chemical free or organic products, which practically means that you won't be consuming any chemical compounds that may cause oxidative damage. An organic high phenolic olive oil is the true definition of functional foods.

Green by Nature: Our Commitment to Sustainable Excellence

We’re committed to sustainability as much as we’re committed to quality. Learn about our eco-friendly practices, from practising organic farming for our olives to grafting modern olive-DNA varieties onto wild olive trees (Olea Sylvestris). Our actions strengthen the environment’s biodiversity and resilience for future generations. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to know that your purchase supports not just your health but the health of our planet.

organic food
free of pesticides
great taste
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bird friendly

Cultivating 100+ Native Species in Our Olive Ecosystem

Smallholder farming is the cornerstone of global food security in the developing world.
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Smart Agriculture

Our smart agriculture approach combines technology with nature’s wisdom. By closely monitoring and adjusting soil nutrients, we enhance specific beneficial substances in olive seeds, ensuring sustainable, high-quality cultivation with minimal environmental impact.

water conservation-1

Dry Wild Farming

Utilizing the resilient Olea Sylvestris, our dry farming method excels with extremely limited water. This wild variety’s robust nature boosts antioxidants, enriching the oil’s taste and aroma. Our sustainable approach produces superior olive oil with a deep environmental respect.

Sustaining & Nurturing Earth

Embracing Biodiversity and Zero Waste for Planetary Wellness

Biodiversity Guardians

Our practices are designed to protect and enhance biodiversity, ensuring that every plant, animal, and microorganism thrives. We honor nature’s balance, sustaining ecosystems and enhancing our product’s quality and efficacy.

Zero Waste

Embracing a zero-waste philosophy, we ensure every step of our production leaves no trace, reflecting our deep respect for the planet. This sustainable approach contributes to a harmonious cycle of environmental health and renewal.

What Is So Unique About Our Olive Trees?

MILESTONE® Olive Oils blend the wild essence of Olea Sylvestris with the robust qualities of Olea Europaea. This unique combination from the heart of Greece enriches our oil with unparalleled polyphenols, offering you a natural elixir for well-being, crafted by the harmonious fusion of ancient wisdom and modern science.

Olea Sylvestris DNA

Our production utilizes the wild component of this tree, particularly the part of the trunk that connects to the soil, to harness its natural, unmatched high-phenolic profile. Olea Sylvestris is the naturally occurring, unaltered form.

Olea Europaea-1

Olea Europaea DNA

Olea Europaea, and in particular the “Koroneiki” variety, is the source of our medical olive oil, renowned for its rich concentration of health-promoting polyphenols, mono-unsaturated fats and Omega-3s (ALA) 6 9.

How to Store: Extend Freshness

Discover the best practices for incorporating this super functional food into your daily routine, and ensure its freshness and efficacy for your well-being. Find out the Do’s and Dont’s related to its consumption and storage.


Plan to consume our oils shortly after purchase?

Always keep at your fridge for less than 5% polyphenol loss in 12 months.

Refrigeration not necessary if you plan to consume our oils within 30 days after purchase.

Find out why freezing our oils is the ultimate way of storage.

Store at -18°C for up to 36 months with minimal polyphenol, aroma and taste loss.

Avoid freezing if you are planning to consume our oils within 12 months. Always refrigerate.

Elevated temperatures can lead to a significant loss of health benefits and taste.


Add Water
Contact with water leads to hydrolysis, which reduces the effectiveness of bioactives.


Food Combinations
What types of foods should your oils be added to?

Add our oils to crackers, yogurt, salads and vegetables.

Avoid adding our oils to soups or any form of watery food or drink.

Crystallization Effect: Refrigeration may cause crystallization due to high mono-unsaturated fatty acid content, indicating oil quality.

Easy Usage: To use our products effortlessly, remove the desired bottle from the refrigerator 5 minutes before consumption. This allows the oil to return to its liquid state, delivering its full power and flavor.


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