Pomegranate Concentrate with Vegan Vitamin B12 and Iron


Discover MILESTONE®’s expert blend, rich in vegan B12 and iron from pomegranates. Tailored for combating iron deficiency anemia, it’s perfect for enhancing mood and boosting energy. This functional food optimizes health, naturally and effectively.


A Functional Food Tailored for Energy Boost and Mood Regulation.

  • Ideal for natural increase of iron and B12 levels.
  • Taste the real tart pomegranate, balanced with a natural sweetness.
  • Highly concentrated with 30 times more antioxidants than any other.
  • Gentle iron easy on the stomach and non-constipating.
  • Innovative processing using cold pressing under oxygen-free conditions.
  • Superior quality sourced ingredients with no contaminants or pesticides.

Revitalize Naturally: Pomegranate Energy & Mood Enhancer

Discover the natural strength of MILESTONE®’s Pomegranate blend with vegan-friendly B12 and a non-constipating form of iron. Tailored to combat iron deficiency anemia and symptoms like low energy and mood swings. Our pomegranate concentrate, rich in punicalagins, improves the absorption and assimilation of iron.

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Gentle Iron Formulation

Our pomegranate features a unique form of iron, known for its superior absorption and gentleness on the digestive system.

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Bioavailable Vegan B12

Includes a vegan, highly bioavailable form of Vitamin B12 that maximizes red blood cell formation and combats anemia.

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Sofa Rehab

After starting to take the products I’ve noticed a big improvement to my energy and general well-being.

Sofa Rehab

When you first taste their products, you have two reactions. First: this taste is simply breathtaking. It is that GOOD. Second: where can I find these products right now. Genius product range from Milestone!

Sofa Rehab

Found the perfect solution for marine omega-3 in my diet. Their functional foods offer more benefits than I expected. A true oasis in the sea of supplements and synthetic multivitamins.

Sofa Rehab

Do something delicious for your health. I regularly use their high phenolic olive oil and the pomegranate concentrate for the beneficial bioactives and polyphenols. Very fresh, delicious and organic.

Sofa Rehab

Milestone significantly improved my health and this was reflected with optimal readings, including triglycerides. Got rid of the unwanted fat. They do taste great.

Energize Without the Metallic Aftertaste

milestone b12 and iron fifty percent more iron uptake-1

Iron Deficiency Relief with a Great Taste!

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Supplement Naturally: Key Benefits of MILESTONE®'s Pomegranate Blend

Boost your daily wellness with MILESTONE®’s Pomegranate Blend. This formula combines Iron and Vitamin B12 to energize, improve focus, and elevate mood. It combats anemia, strengthens immunity and supports heart health. Formulated in a base of antioxidant-rich pomegranate concentrate, it offers a delightful taste to supplement your daily food.

Alleviating Anemia

MILESTONE’s blend is specially designed to tackle iron deficiency anemia, offering an essential source of iron for red blood cell production, reducing fatigue and enhancing overall vitality.
pomegranate b12 and iron deficiency anemia

Energizing Your Days

Iron deficiency is a major cause of tiredness and fatigue. Our formula, blending Iron and B12 with antioxidant-rich pomegranate, effectively counters this deficiency and enhances energy levels.

Heart Health Support

Vitamin B12 is essential in managing homocysteine, a by-product of protein breakdown in the blood. It regulates these levels, supporting cardiovascular health and preventing heart disease.


Cognitive Function Support

Vitamin B12 supports nerve cells and key cognitive functions like memory and focus. Our formula is enriched with natural Vitamin B12, ensuring effectiveness without any synthetic additives.

Immune System Boost

Iron is vital for immune function. Our pomegranate concentrate enhances the bioavailability of Iron, fortifying your body’s natural defenses. Added B12 further enhances immune health.

digestive wellness seniors and geriatrics

Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

The polyphenols in our pomegranate facilitate the absorption of iron and B12. This ensures that you’re getting the most out of each serving, optimising the health benefits.

Awarded Innovation in Functional Foods: Our Commitment to Health

We were named “Start-Up of the Year” by Nutraingredients-Asia and as the “Most Innovative Food Supplement Brand” by APAC Insider Singapore. These awards underscore our commitment to blending the best of Greek natural ingredients with modern science for effective, ethically, and sustainably produced functional foods.

Product Highlights Pomegranate B12 with Iron
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Game Changes Inspire Greece
Healthy Diet Awards

Nutritional Facts: Know What You Eat

Knowledge is power, and we believe you have the right to know exactly what’s in the product you’re consuming. Our Nutritional Facts section provides a detailed breakdown of all the nutritional components, including high phenolic content, fatty acid ratios, and micronutrients, so you can make an informed choice.

Nutrition Facts

30 servings per container

Serving size (2/3 tbsp) 9.2gr or 10ml

Amount per serving

Calories 24.2

% Daily Value *

Total Fats 0.03g 0%

Saturated Fats 0.03g 0%

Polyunsatured Fats 0.03g

Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 0g0%

Sodium 0g 0%

Total Carbohydrate 6g 2%

Dietary Fiber 0.01g

Total Sugars 6g 12%

Protein 0.05g

Iron Ferrous Bisglycinate 14mg 100% DV*

Vitamin B12 20μg 800% DV*

Calcium (Ca) 2mg 0.25% DV*

Potassium (K) 80mg 4% DV*

Magnesium (Mg) 3mg 0.8% DV*

Polyphenols 30mg DV* NA**

Magnesium (Mg) 3mg 0.8% DV*

* The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

** The Not Available (NA) indicates that there corresponding DV is not included in FDA's list.

Product FAQ: We Answer Your Concerns

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Dive into our comprehensive FAQ section to learn everything there is to know about our game-changing fusion of Pomegranate with Iron and Natural B12. Get the scoop on its unique benefits, ideal usage, and why it’s the functional food you didn’t know you needed.

What are the main benefits of this functional food?

This product boosts energy, supports cognitive function, enhances mood, fights anemia, strengthens immunity, and promotes heart health.

Is this product suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, our Pomegranate Blend is vegan-friendly, containing no animal-derived ingredients.

How does this blend help with iron deficiency anemia?

It's rich in bioavailable iron that helps increase hemoglobin levels and improve oxygen transport in the body.

Can MILESTONE®'s Pomegranate Blend improve my mood and mental clarity?

Yes, Vitamin B12 in the blend supports brain health, enhancing mood and cognitive functions.

Is this product safe for daily consumption?

Yes, it’s designed for daily use, following the recommended dosage on the label.

Does this product contain added sugars or artificial flavors?

No, our concentrate is free from added sugars and artificial flavors, ensuring you receive the natural taste and benefits of the pomegranate.

How does this product differ from typical iron supplements?

Our blend combines iron with Vitamin B12 and antioxidants from pomegranate, offering a more holistic approach to supplementation. Latst research findings indicate that punicalagins (antioxidants in pomegranate) facilitate iron uptake and assimilation.

Will I notice an immediate effect after taking this product?

While some benefits may be felt quickly, consistent use over time is recommended for optimal results.

Can this product help with fatigue?

Yes, the iron and B12 help boost energy levels, reducing fatigue.

Sustainability: Eco-Conscious Choices

We’re committed to sustainability as much as we’re committed to quality. Learn about our eco-friendly practices, from responsibly sourcing our algae to practicing organic farming for our olives. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to know that your purchase supports not just your health but the health of our planet.

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80% Increase in Healthy Bee Populations in Our Pomegranate Yard

Pioneering Functional Nutrition through Ethical Practices
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An Antioxidant Powerhouse

Our smart agriculture approach combines technology with nature’s wisdom. By closely monitoring and adjusting soil nutrients, we enhance specific beneficial substances in pomegranates, ensuring high-quality cultivation with minimal environmental impact.

milestone food for your genes our pomegranate yard


At MILESTONE®, our cruelty-free practices are key to our sustainability ethos. Avoiding animal testing and exploitation, our ethical approach extends from sourcing to packaging, underlining our commitment to a harmonious, sustainable future.

Sustaining & Nurturing Earth Through Science

Embracing Biodiversity and Zero Waste for Planetary Wellness

Biodiversity Guardians

Our practices are designed to protect and enhance biodiversity, ensuring that every plant, animal, and microorganism thrives. We honor nature’s balance, sustaining ecosystems and enhancing our product’s quality and efficacy.

Zero Waste

Embracing a zero-waste philosophy, we ensure every step of our production leaves no trace, reflecting our deep respect for the planet. This sustainable approach contributes to a harmonious cycle of environmental health and renewal.


Vitamins in Vacuum

Nurture your well-being with our holistic process, curated for all family. From the ‘Wonderful Pomegranate’ variety with top antioxidants to chemical-free farming, we ensure purity. Gentle hand-collection, vacuum processing, and low temperatures preserve our bioactive compounds at all stages.

Innovative Processing

Waterless extraction, solvent-free, and chemical-free processes for quality & preservation of nutrients and bioactives. The result? Biofunctional foods, carefully filtered and frozen at -28°C, delivering nature’s best to you and your family. Plus, our UV-protected bottles preserve ingredients in their purest form.

How to Store: Extend Freshness

Discover the best practices for incorporating this super functional food into your daily routine, and ensure its freshness and efficacy for your well-being. Find out the Do’s and Dont’s related to its consumption and storage.


Plan to consume our concentrates shortly after purchase?

Keep at your fridge all the time. Ensures freshness and quality.

Do not refrigerate only if you plan to consume within 30 days.

Find out why freezing is the ultimate way of storage.

Freezing causes minimal destruction to bioactives by reducing chemical and microbial spoilage, even in long-term storage.

Do not freeze if you are planning to consume our concentrates within 12 months. Always refrigerate.

Reduces the level of antioxidants, flavor and potential health benefits in the product.


Add Water
Dilute our products in water?


Food Combinations
What types of foods should your oils be added to?

Add our concentrates to your juices, smoothies, yogurt and salads.

Do not add our concentrates on any form of very hot food.

Tips:  Pomegranate and olive oil polyphenols behave differently when in contact with water. Incorporating our concentrates into your juice or smoothie enhances both flavour and bioactive potency, ensuring a functional and nutritious blend.

Crystallization of Curcumin: Our curcumin extract, a raw natural product, may exhibit crystallization in cold temperatures. Remember to shake well before use for the full experience of our concentrate.

Easy Usage: Our concentrates are served at a highly concentrated level by reducing the amount of free water available in the product. As a result, they cannot freeze to a point where they are solidified, which practically means that you can use them directly from your fridge.


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