high phenolic olive oil for alzheimer's

    High Phenolic Olive Oil for Alzheimer’s Prevention

    High phenolic olive oil is the best fat in the world. We’ve said that quite a few times but we will keep on repeating this point until is clear to every competing fat. High phenolic olive oil for Alzheimer’s treatment has been associated with significant improvement in mental function in people with early cognitive impairment.

    In a recent trial, the long-term diet rich in high phenolic olive oil and especially the bioactive compound oleocanthal, showed to protect against Alzheimer’s disease. The results of this study showed that polyphenol-rich olive oil acts as a shield against Alzheimer’s disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment.

    In the context of this work, scientists from the Department of Neurology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) and the Greek Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders (GAADRD – Alzheimer Hellas) investigated for the first time the effect of high-yield phenols of early harvest extra virgin olive oil on moderate phenol content of extra virgin olive oil – and the Mediterranean Diet as a natural remedy for amnesic type mild mental disorder (Mild Cognitive Impairment – aMCI). In addition, genetic predisposition (APOE e4) for Alzheimer’s disease was examined and extensive neuropsychological assessments were performed at baseline and after 12 months.

    Amnesic Mild Cognitive Impairment is usually a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease and is characterized by memory loss and inability to perform complex daily activities. While there is no cure for Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s disease (other than symptomatic treatment for Alzheimer’s disease), the global effort against mental disorders focuses on the early detection and management of Alzheimer’s disease in the amnesic stage of Mild Cognitive Impairment.

    A long-term intervention with a Mediterranean diet rich in extra virgin olive oil (50 ml daily) in 285 study participants, with a high vascular risk, resulted in better mental function compared to the controlled diet group. The study showed that long-term intervention with high-concentration of phenols in early- harvest extra virgin olive oil or moderate concentration of phenols extra virgin olive oil was associated with a significant improvement in cognitive function compared to the Mediterranean diet, independent of the presence of APOE ε4.

    In the second evaluation after 12 months of follow-up, the study revealed better performance in the treatment group compared to the control group.

    Results on High Phenolic Olive Oil and Memory Status

    To date, there is no other study that has examined in such detail the effects of extra virgin olive oil on the elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairment as an effective solution for cognitive impairment” said Mrs Magda Tsolaki, Professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. High phenolic olive oil for  Alzheimer’s treatment on precursor stages seems to be an excellent functional food choice. And there is no better choice that our original functional high phenolic olive oil formula, which also contains a great amount of monounsaturated fatty acids. Keep exploring MILESTONE and get rewarded.

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    High phenolic olive oil for Alzheimer’s treatment is under the microscope of some of the largest and most impactful research institutions in the world. The results of the latest clinical trials have been more than encouraging to say the least. At MILESTONE we research and develop the best functional foods for brain on the market, and we are proud of this. Explore one the most awarded high phenolic olive oils internationally. Alternatively, see also our new innovative formula which also uniquely combines high phenolic olive oil with EPA + DHA from algae. Algae oil provides an adequate amount of DHA and EPA and is sustainable and environmentally friendly as opposed to fish oil. Functional foods for omega 3 fatty acids may safeguard heart health, boost cognitive performance, and reduce the risk of developing various chronic diseases.

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