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About Me

Barbara Rousaki holds a PhD in Organizational Behavior from the University of Surrey, U.K.. She is currently an entrepreneur in the nutraceutical sector and a former academic. She cofounded “OF DREAMS AND KNOWLEDGE®“, a nutraceutical brand creating products that are MILESTONE® for the health and nutrition of mankind. Barbara’s long term aspiration is to become a social entrepreneur.

Barbara Rousaki


Experience: 15 years
Specialization: Business Innovation & Marketing Strategy


University of Surrey

Total Duration 5 yrs 1 months

  • Title: Lecturer/Reseacher

Dates Employed: Sep 2009 – Sep 2011

Employment Duration 2 yrs 1 months

  • Teaching postgraduate and undergraduate programmes
    • Research in Hospitality Innovation and organizational behaviour
    • Supervision of postgraduate and undergraduate students in the U.K. and abroad
  • Title: Reseacher

Dates Employed: Sep 2006 – Sep 2009

Employment Duration 3 yrs 1 months

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