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An avid entrepreneur and Brand Ambassador , Darren Jerome Low has been actively involved in the health, beauty and wellness industry for more than 15 years, passionate and dedicated towards helping people from all walks of life take charge of their individual well-being through the use of premium, high quality products that promote long term sustainable health and transformation.
“With MILESTONE®, I found the perfect solution to solving all kinds of health issues holistically with unique bio-functional foods that harness the power of Mother Nature. Produced with the most stringent standards, consisting of the purest organically cultivated ingredients, Milestone, in my opinion, brings forth health and nutrition far beyond the needs of the human body, resulting in immense healing and therapeutic benefits.”
Despite his educational background in Economics and Political Science, he has become a keen proponent of the concept that “good health lies in our own hands”. Fluent in both English and Mandarin, he is articulate and seeks to empower people with knowledge about cutting edge products, their unique production methods and ingredients used. As such, he conducts talks, workshops, training sessions as well as personal consultations to create awareness of the brands that he fully endorses. He has a penchant for only marketing whatever he uses, consumes and has a strong conviction about.
“To me, it is imperative that people realize that only by using and consuming products that are pure, potent and holistic in nature will there be an effective advancement, at each individual’s own pace, towards equilibrium in the body. Once optimal balance is achieved, the body provides accurate and prompt response towards all forms of contingencies.”
His wealth of experience allows him to be at the forefront of the industry, always uncovering the best products to elevate the overall wellness of his clients. At the same time, he remains personable in his interaction with them and is highly sensitive in identifying all their various needs.

Darren Jerome Low

General Manager Asia

Position: General Manager
Specialization: Sales & Marketing


General Manager Asia


Dates Employed: Jan 2020 – Present

Location: Singapore

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