Fetus Development with Intelligent Foods for Pregnant

If you are pregnant, your doctor should have already mentioned the need of a complete B vitamin complex, especially B6, B9 (Folic Acid) and B12. Let’s make it simple, a healthy pregnancy diet will promote your baby’s growth and development. Functional foods are surely the most natural option to consider during pregnancy. They can help boost your energy levels in a number of ways, including by improving your overall health, helping you to better manage stress, and providing you with essential nutrients. Formulated with natural ingredients, MILESTONE®’s vegan range of foods for pregnant can help you feel more lively and active in your daily life, while making sure a normal fetus development. Discover online the right food for your needs online or in store with MILESTONE® today.

Which Foods Are Good for Pregnancy?

Our Fermented Pomegranate Concentrate + Vegan Calcium and Potassium, for example, is naturally enriched in calcium, potassium and iron – contributing to strong bones and supporting your body’s key processes throughout the day. Each bottle is fermented with natural Lactobacillus and is also rich in Omega 5 fatty acids without the use of additives or sugar. This vegan functional food is recommended for pregnant women and those who experience fatigue symptoms or have low hematocrit levels and high blood pressure. Adults and kids alike can benefit from this plant-based food for energy and mood.

Alternatively, you can consider our Pomegranate Concentrate with Vegan Vitamin B12 functional food. This essential vitamin specifically helps minimize the risk of birth defects as well as relieve some symptoms of pregnancy. Additionally, vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in energy production and metabolism. A lack of this essential vitamin can result in tiredness and irritability. Improve your mood and energy by supplementing with this product.

Kickstart Your Day with MILESTONE®

At MILESTONE®, rest assured that the products we produce meet all necessary certifications for quality assurance. Apart from improving energy and mood, you can also find more biofunctional products online via our online store in the US. If you have any queries, feel free to browse our FAQ page or get in touch with us for more information.

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