Functional Foods beyond Organic

Following a healthy diet that is filled with nutrient dense fruits, seeds, and vegetables is undoubtedly one of the best ways to meet the recommended daily requirements of specific vitamins and minerals. But at times, a tailor made boost of specific nutrients and antioxidants may be required. Compared to standard pills, functional foods by MILESTONE® are superior in many ways. Utilizing ingredients grown in the absence of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and methods of genetic engineering, our organic health functional foods abide by the strict guidelines set forth by regulatory boards. Devoid of any artificial food coloring, flavors or chemical preservatives, they can potentially reduce health risks by minimizing one’s exposure to toxic and harmful chemicals.

Benefits of Organic Functional Foods

Beyond being free of artificial fillers and toxic chemicals, organic functional foods are readily absorbed by the body due to their high bioavailability. Due to processes such as cold pressing and raw extraction, they also contain higher levels of antioxidants and potent nutrients. This purity of ingredients is what makes them better for both your body and the environment. Moreover, all-natural products like the High Phenolic Olive Oil and the Fermented Pomegranate Concentrate, retain the full spectrum of nutrients one would typically find in whole fruits and vegetables in nature.


Supporting wildlife farming and biodiversity is among our top commitments. We support organic farming practices that avoid chemical use at all costs. In parallel, we design our products with respect to nature, in order to enhance the health of soils, water, air and to improve the lives of animals. We are proud because our team implements sustainability out of true love for this planet – not for marketing reasons. We strive to bring radical change to our food system and its connection to this planet’s existence.

Maintain optimal health with our organic functional foods. With MILESTONE®’s extensive range of products, you can be mindful of everything you put in your body. To find out more about which healthy foods can better support your holistic lifestyle, browse our extensive range of functional foods or contact us for more information.

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